Are You Thinking Of Refinancing Your Home Mortgage? Colonial 1st Mortgage Puts YOU 1st.

There are many great reasons to refinance your home. Colonial 1st Mortgage always puts you first, whether you are you looking for the lowest interest rate, converting an adjustable rate mortgage to a fixed rate, combining your first and second mortgages, looking to get cash out, or looking to remove someone from the title. We just need your address, what you owe and the reason you are considering refinance to work up a loan scenario for you.

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What is the Colonial 1st process?

The mortgage process can seem daunting at first, but with Colonial 1st Mortgage putting you first, we make it easy. To put it as simply as possible, the steps are:

  • Application

  • Document Verification

  • Credit Report

  • Rate Lock

  • Sign Docs

  • Home Appraisal

  • Underwriter Review

  • Clear to Close

  • Loan Closing

And… that’s it! It can take as little as 2 weeks. Just Click Here to get started on your fast, free and easy quote or give us a call today at 804.967.2560.

Your first home, your first refinance, your first second home, your first reverse mortgage – through all of them, Colonial First puts you first. Just click below or call 804.967.2560 to get started on your free, fast and easy quote today.

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